Tents and Clans of the South

“One day there will be girls and women whose names will mean more than the opposite of what is male: meaningful in themselves, will make us think not in some kind of limit or complement, but only in life and existence: the feminine human being “(Rainer Maria Rilke).

We are the “Women’s Circles Tents and Clans of the South” who are celebrating their twentieth year of existence and we belong to a movement that integrates men and women, called Guardiães do Amanhã (Guardians of Tomorrow – www.guardiaesdoamanha.org.br).entrada

Our initiatic journeys along the Tenda da Terra (Tent of the Earth), Tendas da Lua (Tent of the Moon) and different Clans, have been shared over the years by women of different ages, professions and social conditions.

What drives us is the planetary service that we are doing, our part in the challenge of building more loving, fraternal, cooperative, respectful and true relations between women and men and between women, men, planet Earth and the Universe.

Learn a little more about our history and see our calendar to know the activities of the year!

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